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Speech- and language therapy



Annette Fernholz trained and worked as a speech and language therapist in London for many years with both children and adults presenting with a variety of communication disorders.
Since March 2000 she has been working in a speech therapy practice in Berlin treating English and German children and adults.

She is fluent in English and German and therefore understands the issues of bilingualism and their potential positive and negative effects on a child’s language development.

If you are concerned that your child might have a communication difficulty affecting his/her speech, language or voice, Speech and Language evaluations and direct treatment are offered in English for children with:


Speech and language impairments concerning

  • Articulation
  • Understanding language
  • Expressive language (e.g. use of grammar and vocabulary)
  • Pragmatic language (e.g. eye-contact and turn-taking)
  • Voice (hoarse voice)
  • Intonation (e.g. tempo and rhythm)


and Adults with:

  • Voice problems
  • Communication and swallowing difficulties following a stroke or a head injury or progressive neurological diseases (e.g. Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis)


Indications of speech and language difficulties are :

  • Unclear speech
  • Word finding difficulties
  • A limited vocabulary
  • Signs of frustrated behaviours when communicating
  • A frequent need to repeat word or utterance for the listener
  • Use of jumbled sentences/reduced grammar
  • Difficulties following verbal instructions
  • Noticeable attention/concentration deficits
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